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Jason Casas

Jace Image web.jpg

Los Angeles based graphic artist, Jason Casas, has thrived in the entertainment industry for nearly two decades. As a concept artist with his own eclectic style, Jason is a master of multiple mediums. A painter, sculptor, and animator, he's always drawn back to the simplicity of pencil and paper.

Jason's childhood brimmed with imagination through cartoons like Transformers, He-Man, and Thundercats. Discovering the anime of Robotech and Akira inspired his young talent towards the fantastic. His desire to create and tell his own stories came with his love of such movies as Star Wars, Fisher King, and Willow.

With influences ranging from Don Bluth (Dragon's Lair) to Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira), Jason is a truly unique and original artist. Now, he's visualizing and building a thrilling new fantasy novel with his creative partner and wife, Brenda.

An avid collector of everything from movie memorabilia to toys, his life is a constant wondrous reminder that staying young-at-heart is imperative for a happy soul.

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