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Brenda Casas

Brenda Singular.jpg

Brenda Casas is a poet, freelance writer, and the administrator of an entertainment company in Southern California. Fantasy meets folklore in her uniquely lyrical storytelling style - making the new seem warmly familiar and the tried feel true.

Brenda's love of cheesy matinee sci-fi and horror flicks began at an early age, igniting the desire to create and share her own worlds. At fourteen, she was introduced to fantasy by the boy who would become her husband. She devoured and dissected every story and character with zeal. From superhero comic-books to classic monster movies - from Dark Crystal to Outer Limits - her eclectic tastes intertwine in the ether of her imagination. She's thrown in a few good romance novels for writing spice.


Together for the last thirty years, she and Jason have created worlds through her words and his vision with the primary focus being to give their two cats a better life.


When Brenda's road invariably diverged into career or creativity, she took the former. In the nearly three decades spent in corporate America, Brenda's amassed a priceless anthology of quirky moments and an in-depth collection of characters, proving the fantastic can and does exist in the ordinary.


Simply living is what feeds and evokes her pen.

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