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Ilklore is an epic new vision of fantasy and myth, where the dystopian realm of Lolore, created by the Elements of Genesis, languish under a brutal ogre regime. 

Once bound to flesh, these sentient elements roamed the lands as Scions. The elf, Pride, scion of Ore, the mermaid, Tranquility, scion of Water, the dragon, Honor, scion of fire, the unicorn, Heart, scion of Wind, and the olk, Wisdom, scion of Verdure were severed from their union at the Sunder of OoLaNaR, with only their elemental essence surviving the fall. Their essence hidden away in the fabled Sagacity Pit, they’ve warred within the astral Orb of Celeste, with only the coming of the Omnitheareal able to release and renew them.

With their union fractured, the last of their ilk, the ogre, Strength, scion of Illiphan—thunder and lightning, stands as the king of Lolore. After centuries of rule, he’s left the once lush lands marred by his secret, frantic search for the Sagacity Pit, its precious burden, and a way into the ruins of OoLaNaR.

But, the Sagacity Pit is discovered by Dosec, a young elvin barter, while searching for his mother’s hidden grave. Clutched in the grasp of her ebonwood visage, with a single touch, the essence of the Elements of Genesis flood from the pit into Dosec.

When the empty Sagacity Pit is delivered into Strength’s possession by his fairy collector, he sets out on a frenzied pursuit to capture Dosec and reap the elements for himself.

​Now, faced with the chaos of his burgeoning elemental powers, Dosec must embrace the otherness inhabiting him or flee, leaving Lolore at the mercy of Strength’s barbarous cruelty. The fate of their future rests on his ability to master this new union. Only then can the Omnitheareal rise to usher in the Great Transition.

Ilklore E-Book

SKU: 978-1-7354729-3-5
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