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Welcome to Ilklore


Dosec's finally discovered the secluded site of his mother's grave. However, the reason the former Elvin Tribune’s resting place lies hidden is exposed when her ebonwood visage reveals the fabled Sagacity Pit clutched in its grasp. With a single touch the essence of the Elements of Genesis flood from the Pit into Dosec.

At the peak of Mount Nineer, King Strength, the Ogre Scion of Illiphan—last of his Elemental ilk—languishes on a cold throne and duplicitous lie. When the empty Pit comes into Strength’s possession, he sets out on a frenzied pursuit to capture Dosec and reap the elements for himself.

Faced with the chaos of his burgeoning powers, Dosec must master this new union and embrace the otherness inhabiting him or flee, leaving Lolore at the mercy of Strength’s barbarous cruelty.